Hi, I am Deríque Hanché.

(My “French Photog” Alter Ego) Let's speak English...ok? “17”…That’s the age when I got my very first camera. Click. Snap. Just like that, I was in love.

Creative | Outgoing | Detailed

It started out as a label…“That Guy” who always had a camera everywhere I went. Then the next step in the evolution…“official photographer” at parties, events and clubs. I then took the plunge and started my business…25 years ago! I found passion in capturing those most precious memories in other peoples’ lives! Now, I can’t even imagine another profession more fulfilling! I am a self-trained “Image Maker” specializing in live events, lifestyle, portrait and boudoir photography. I have supplemented my still images with Cinematic Video and it has broadened my ability to showcase my visual story telling.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”


Why should you hire me?

Hiring a photographer is a very personal thing. It really depends on who you are and what you are looking to accomplish. I find that one of my best assets as a photographer is that I make people relaxed and feel at ease….a trait that is absolutely imperative to the client/photographer relationship. That being said, I would LOVE the opportunity to be the photographer for you.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I started out a long time ago...in a galaxy...well you know. The hobby turned into amateur excursions...and that turned into a business. I have Been involved in dozens of workshops, competitions, creative endeavors and personal projects over the years but I guess I am most proud of the fact that I am self taught. I am constantly learning and striving towards perfection, at least in my eyes and that translates to a fantastic experience for my clients.

What types of customers have you worked with?

I have worked with almost every conceivable type of customer from individual portraits, product photography, large events with 400,000 people, office parties, bachelorette and weddings, landscape excursions by myself, action shots at sports arenas, to boudoir sessions at high end hotels. I have worked with clients large and small from fortune 500 companies keynote addresses to the local deli shop capturing delectable food items. The outcome for any project still remains producing unforgettable images for all my clients.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

I want to build a relationship with my customers and clients...I look long term as my business has been built via word of mouth solely now for two decades. As such I treat each client the same regardless of the price or project. I make every effort to be extremely specific on their needs and expectations and the standard for me is to under promise and over deliver. The more I can plan things out with the client the better... but I have built a reputation for being able to handle ANYTHING thrown at me in the moment. I am used to working on tight deadlines and adversity.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, I have TWO…one I setup here in Vegas and the “other” one…..it is located everywhere! I can shoot at any location but I prefer to use urban and scenic locations for my clients. I do however feel very comfortable in a studio and I can shoot whatever you need in any environment. Owning my own studio is great but I’m happy with whatever the world provides as well…

Do you edit all your images yourself?

AS A RULE! I have always done my own post production, and unless you represent a magazine or have specific needs for retouching, I will never release unedited work. I have also developed relationships with several high end retouchers in the industry and if the project deems it necessary, I have that outlet as well.

What are your prices?

I structure my fees relative to the actual project. I never wanted to attache an "hourly" rate to my creativity. That being said, my Half day rate is 550.00 and my Full day rate is 875.00. I give 10% discount to all current Military Personnel and Veterans. I have several places online that clients can print out images but I did not want to marry myself to one particular service or company...there are several places online and off that specialize in everything from 5x7's to life-size posters and everything in between.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

I would say the most important thing to consider is the IMPORTANCE of these images to you and your family or company or situation?" If these are not important...you would be taking them on your iPhone...right? You ask a professional for their creativity..for their investment of time, effort and financial investment into their craft...for their ability to deliver a fantastic product at a reasonable price...A price that is reasonable for ALL in evolved not just the client. - I may not be the cheapest... but I will put myself up there against anyone on earth for value. For that very reason, who do you trust to create these images for you?


I retain Copyright on all my work. I will license you with the appropriate rights depending on your booking so that you can use the images and print them as you wish, but the original RAW files and copyright remains my exclusive property.
To me capturing the emotion and interaction between people is an incredible and moving experience, photography is not just a profession to me but a passion. Capturing fleeting moments in time and helping to chronicle peoples’ lives not only for them but for generations of their families to come. That is what continues to drive me to excel and maintain my passion.

Contact me and let me share my passion for photography with you. I enjoy capturing those magical moments that make a photo stand out and pop. Whether you are in need of a new set of headshots, a sexy boudoir session for that special someone. or if you have the need for someone who will go the extra mile for you on your wedding day, I am at your service.